Meet Abigail, our new gap year student!


Hi There!

My name is Abigail, I’m a 3rd year student at Northumbria University, currently on a placement year with Martel.

Two colour CMYK

I’m studying towards a MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering which is a 5 year sandwich course, including a placement year. I was given the opportunity to work with Martel for the year and I am now half way through my placement with Martel.


I have learnt and gained a lot from working here, from professional competencies to technical skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far at Martel, one of my greatest accomplishments from my placement has been integrating the Raspberry Pi with one of Martel’s printers.

The Raspberry Pi printer has been my main focus here at Martel. I have developed the project to enable capabilities such as Wi-Fi printing, air print, Bluetooth connectivity, network printing and remote connectivity through the Raspberry Pi to one of Martel’s printers.


The Raspberry Pi is a miniature single board computer with low power draw that can be controlled and used remotely. It enables the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and network printing with Martel printers.

Usually I am busy programming the Raspberry Pi, solving any issues with it and researching methods of communicating to the printer and different ways to print. I have also work on the DIN RAIL product, helped make a demonstration pack, produced guides, created reports, been involved in creating an Ethernet to serial interface or a Martel printer and spent time in the production department.

Stay tuned to Martel’s blog for future updates about my year in industry here!



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