Meet Yatong, A gap year design student at Martel!


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My name is Yatong Wang, and I am a female student from Shanghai, China.
I am studying for a Degree at Northumbria University, in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
My major is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

I spent my placement year at Martel Instruments Ltd, who design and manufacture
Cased Printers and Panel Printers, for a range of sectors, including automotive, medical, and retail, from July 2014 to August 2015.

My one year internship with Martel started with the industry training in the Assembly area, downstairs, for one week, where I learned a lot about the Thermal Printers they make. This was an excellent grounding for the rest of my year spent at Martel.
After the initial Training, I moved upstairs into the Design Department, and very quickly got involved in the day to day work that goes on there.

In my year at Martel, I was involved with:
• Research into touch screen technology for future Product Development
• Creation of QR codes for some of the Thermal Printers
• Testing of Prototype Printers built by the Design Team
• Modification of the Datasheets for the Martel Panel Mounted Printers ranges
• Condensed some Datasheets into “1 page flyers” for exhibitions in the USA
• Undertook ‘Competitor Analysis’ for the Martel Commercial Team
• Participated in daily “Design Review” prioritization meetings with the Team
• Made some Customized leaflets to send to the overseas distributors
• Helped Martel with some Chinese Translations

I also did some tasks related directly to my University course, such as:
• Updating of the existing software
• Doing some programming work on the Printer PCB’s.

I really did enjoy my placement year in Martel a lot. Not only did it help me gain employable and technological skills, but also it improved my comprehensive abilities in several areas, such as Self Management, Teamwork, Collaboration, Innovation and Communication.

I would definitely recommend Martel Instruments Ltd to any gap year students looking for a worthwhile, and interesting, work placement, and I look forward to seeing how their range of products develops in the future.

Miss Yatong Wang

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