Experiencing issues with “Clean” thermal print outs?….


… Did you know that hand sanitizer is one of the worst chemicals that can come into contact with a thermal print out? It’s something that I was personally unaware of until I attended the Pittcon expo in New Orleans, back in March.

At the expo, I was having a conversation with some people who worked in a lab, and they were explaining the issue where they use hand sanitizer in their day to day routine, but if it connects with a thermal print out, the print becomes illegible.

Whilst Martel are experts at manufacturing thermal printers, we do not manufacture peripheral items such as paper rolls. We thought we’d talk to our friends at Max International and Merley Paper, and a solution was created.

Meet Tim and Sally:

tim and sally bigger

(Click the picture for a link to our video)

We can now safely say that regardless of the environment of your device, whether it be in a lab, or working in a garage with oil, or any other harsh chemicals, the new thermal paper will withstand, and the print will be completely unaffected.

Martel will be back at Pittcon in 2016, and whilst we look forward to meeting with you there, if you’d like to talk to us in the meantime about a chemical you are using around thermal paper, or have a printing requirement in a harsh environment, then please contact us, all the links are below.

Until next time…..


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Red, Red Martel!


On Friday at Martel we were wearing red all in the aid of BBC’s Red nose day AKA Comic Relief!


Even our printers got involved!


Our sales team who are currently in the middle of our #MadMarch around the United States managed to get into the Red Nose day spirit too! Here is a red nose making an appearance at Pittcon, next to our brand new statistical printer!


We managed to raise a very impressive £66 With all money going to help disadvantaged people across the UK and in Africa.

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Pittcon diary day 4!


Today sees our last day at Pittcon 2015. We have loved every minute of it, meeting contacts old and new. We can’t quite believe it has gone over so quickly.

We’d like to share a few panorama photos of our view for the last 4 days!

7Q3eDYnO o1Smj57R

Again we’d also like to thank our friends at Intelligent weighing who have said we can keep the chick so it will be coming home with us! Hooray!

Just because Pittcon is over does not mean we are leaving the States. We will be continuing our #MadMarch over the next week. Stay tuned to our Twitter page for more updates!


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Pittcon diary day 3!


Today at Pittcon we decided to do the rounds and visit some other booths! We had a good day and met some really great people who we hope we can do business with.

On our travels Joanne met Dr Pete Conn!


He happily obliged to a photo with us and in return we managed to get a free bobble head pen!

It’s been another busy day so far and we can’t quite believe that tomorrow is the last day of Pittcon for another year! We hope everyone is finding it as enjoyable and successful as we are.

If you haven’t visited us yet, we are in Booth 2009!


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Pittcon diary day 2


It was a busy day at our booth today where we are exhibiting alongside our American partners Current Components.


Big thanks to our neighbors Intelligent Weighing Technology who kindly loaned us their analytical scale, which works amazingly alongside our new statistical printer!


(The chick is also very popular amongst our visitors!)

If you haven’t done so already please feel free to drop by and say hello, we are in booth 2009!


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Pittcon day 1! 


On Saturday morning Joanne and the Martel team  began our #MadMarch across the United States. After a stop over in Chicago and a 2 hour delay we eventually made it to New Orleans at 1am.

After a quick catch up on sleep we headed to Ernest N morial convention center to set up our booth (2009) ready for Monday morning! 

If you or your colleagues are visiting the big easy stop by and visit us at Booth 2009!

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook page for more updates on our week of exhibiting at Pittcon!